Audi Goes Another Level for Autonomous Driving

The team at Audi is coming out with what’s described as “…what the future of autonomous driving is going to be…”, or at least that’s what the company thinks.  Audi unveiled its newest concept car, the Aicon, which is a super lux autonomous concept designed to show off the company’s Level 5 autonomous driving technology that will be the ultimate experience in comfort for longer trips and won’t have any human steering capabilities. The new Aicon is a bigger version of the Audi A8 and, according to the head designer, was built from the interior out to create an optimized space for the maximum experience.

The concept will be all electric and build on the Volkswagen electric platform that will be churning out the E-Tron SUV and will have a single frame body that will be differentiated by a new body color. The car will come with four electric motors (one for every wheel) and will give the vehicle not only an all-wheel drive function, but also allow the car to navigate in highly dense urban centers with a tighter turning radiuses thanks to its dual axel format. The company also claims that the car will be able to go from zero to 80% charge in less than thirty minutes and that it should come with a distance per charge range of just under 500 miles. The Aicon will also be supped up with a ton of cool tech gadgets including a personal assistant avatar named Pia, and a heads-up display on the windshield that will let passengers watch shows on the screen.