Mazda Teaser Pictures for New Design Vision From Tokyo Show

Mazda dropped three teaser pictures today of new concept cars that will take center stage at the Tokyo Motor Show. The first vehicle will show off the Skyactiv X drivetrain technology and updated exterior design that may appear on the 2018 Mazda3. The second concept car teases the next rendition of the company’s styling direction, Kodo.

Mazda3 Hatchback Concept

Mazda has used the sleek Kodo design language since 2012. Since then the brand has attracted a loyal following for their nimble cars with dynamic curves and sporty lines. You can see how the new Mazda3 has subtly cleaned up the current styling, but we can’t see enough to make up our minds on the new look.

Mazda Design Concept

But judging from what we can see so far, the new design concept car is a pretty serious evolution for Kodo. The concept looks like a rear-slung sports cars with a long hood and short rear deck—one of many four-door sedans with “coupe” styling coming out these days. The design concept has a strong crease from headlamp to tail and tight flanks. It’s a little less rounded than the current Kodo cars, with an emphasis on machined precision. We’ll have more pics and our final opinion when Mazda opens the curtains in Tokyo!

Mazda Design Concept