Mitsu…Sexy?  Mitsubishi Sexes Up Its EV Slate

The Mitsubishi Motors company is looking to try and get back to relevancy in the car game by trying to bring sexy back (sorry, couldn’t resist) to some of its new entries into the electric car game. The company plans to unveil a brand-new concept car at the Tokyo auto show this year and is tagging it under the moniker and an acknowledgement of its heritage Lancer Evolution with the new coupe-esque e-Evolution that also doubles as a crossover.

The design is sleek, sexy and has a very dynamic look to go along with its four-wheel drive electric powertrain and the next generation artificial intelligence. This is a big deal for the company that was bought by the Nissan Motor Company back in 2016. It will look to use the Tokyo show to try and get back to being a player in the market after having to the deal with the rash of emissions challenges it faced in recent times.