Mercedes-Benz Amps Up Its AMG Brand

The Mercedes-Benz company unveiled its newest concept car, the Project One Hypercar, and man – what a machine! The car borrows (Well, steals is probably more accurate) its Formula One Technology roots to give us this new hyper performance car – a fully stacked road monster for the everyday driver. The company claims that the two seater can deliver up to 1,000 horse power through its 1.6 liter V-6 Hybrid gas engine that’s mounted just in front of the rear axles, which means that the car could actually deliver eleven thousand rpms. It won’t actually because, well, it’s a street car and not an F1 car.

This engine should be able to move you from zero to 120 mph in less than 6 seconds, let that sink in for a minute! The car should top out at around 220 miles per hour, and to put this in perspective the Bugatti Chiron, which comes with 1,500 hp, can get from 0 to 120 in 6.3 seconds and the McLaren P1 will get you from zero to sixty in about seven seconds. So, does this sound like the car for you? Well if it is you will need a whole lot of pocket change, and some serious connections as the estimated price tag for the car is coming in at around $2.7 million USD and there will only be 275 of these beauties produced, so good luck!