The Best Times of Year to Buy a Car

Sometimes, you don’t get to choose when you buy a car. Maybe your old one just gave out on you, and it is time to replace your vehicle. If, however, you know that you should replace your vehicle in the next year or so, you can easily save money or get a better selection by timing your purchase correctly. Buying at the following times will help you save money while getting your dream car.

Best Day of the Week: Monday

Even if you are just able to plan your visit to the car dealership one week in advance, try to visit on a Monday. Most buyers visit the dealership on weekends with few there on weekdays, and visiting on Monday takes advantage of this. Out of all the weekdays, the fewest buyers opt to go on Mondays, which means you are the most likely to get a discount and the least likely to have to compete for time with the right salesperson.

Best Month for SUVs: May or December

You may think that May isn’t an ideal time to shop for cars since Memorial Day sales bring in lots of people, but this the type of sale that works for buyers. To make buying at this time even better, most new models will start arriving in June, so dealerships are working hard to clear out their old inventories and offering discounts to do so. This is particularly true of competitive mid-size SUVs that have seen a lot of new models in the past few years. Aim for a late model crossover, and you can be in a great position to buy.

The other ideal month for buying an SUV, particularly midsize and luxury models, is December. Dealerships are offering discounts to help meet sales quotas for the year. If you can, aim to shop on New Year’s Eve (if the dealership is open), as you will also get end-of-month sales to help dealerships meet monthly quotas. If you miss New Year’s Eve, hit the dealership on January 1st for additional sales as dealerships aim to start the year off on the right foot.

Best Month for Pickups: October

If you miss buying your pickup in May, try for October instead, especially if you want to get a full-size pickup. Most discounts this time of year will be in this class. For the best possible sale, try to visit at the end of October, so you also get end-of-month sales.

Best Month for Sedans: November

If you are in the market for a sedan as opposed to another body style, try to plan to buy your new car in November. This is the time of year when these models tend to have the best discounts, and you can look for Black Friday car deals. However, this can be a very competitive month with other buyers, so get ready for some tough negotiations.

If you have the time to plan your next car purchase, buying at these times of years will help you save money and buy your dream car.