2018 Ford Mustang Ponies Up

The new 2018 Ford Mustang, with its new Eco boost engine, is definitely living up to its names sake as the new model ponies up on performance and value. 

The new 2108 Ford Mustang, while not looking a whole lot different than before except for some small superficial touch ups, but what’s really new is all under the hood and we couldn’t be happier.  The 2018 Ford Mustang comes with its ten speed auto transmission and a brand new Eco Boost engine that’s direct injected four cylinder that will give you a boggling extra thirty pounds of torque per square foot, this new make up sees the company say goodby to the previous 3.7litre V6.  This version of the 2018 Ford Mustang should take you from zero to sixty in about five seconds, which paces it ahead of its arch rival the Chevy Camaro by a full third of a second with a bulkier engine. 


The GT’s V-8 Eco Boost will spin out at least four hundred and sixty horse power, but not to be shamed the 2.3litre inline four will still kick out at least three hundred and ten horse power and as noted an additional three hundred and fifty pounds of torque per square foot.

2018 Ford Mustang V8 GT

The simplicity of the outside is mirrored on the inside as well with it very functional, but minimalistic set of interior features which includes the standard infotainment system positioned dead centre of the dash the traditional embossed seats that let you know your really in a Mustang.  All of this is a breath of fresh air from the earlier dark days of the Mustang where the iconic pony’s performance was outdone by the likes of the Ford Pinto – for those millennials who want a giggle look up the Pinto on YouTube to see what a retro disaster looks like.