Acura Betting on Performance and Penske

Acura has been trying to find its feet lately as sales have sagged and consumer interest is waning for the brand across North America. In 2015, the company looked to reinvigorate itself and decided on a new mantra ‘Precision Crafted Performance,’ emphasizing their desire to push their motorsport efforts further. That’s where Penske Racing comes in today. The company has signed on as the automaker’s racing partner for the new Acura ARX-05 racecar.

Penske, which also owns six Acura dealerships across the U.S., and owner Roger Penske see this as an opportunity to get to the one level of racing that he desperately wants to compete in for the first time—Le Mans. The Acura ARX-05 will make its official unveiling at the Rolex 24 at Daytona. But the hope is that it won’t stop there. Both Penske and Acura have visions of the racing platform helping to reinvigorate the brand at the dealership level and stimulate sales. As Penske has said, he wants partners that care as much as he does about racing performance, and he believes that he’s found a winner with Acura.

Acura’s previous attempt to cultivate a high-end racing nameplate, the NSX, was unsuccessful. This time they’ve hitched their efforts to a more prestigious racing brand, and time will tell if it works out.