Aston Aspiring To for More Formula 1

The Aston Martin Motor Company is looking to get more into Formula One racing, according to its CEO. There’s been rumors swirling around for some time that the company has been in discussions with Red Bull for a title sponsorship, but the company also wants to be heavily involved with new engine development. While it’s still waiting to see what will happen with the new regulations around the build of a new engine, the company is eager to put its engineering muscle into play and showcase itself on one of the biggest stages in the world.


The current agreement for F1 racing comes off of contract in 2020 and depending on what the owners of the circuit decide, there may be a chance that Aston could power Formula One as soon as 2021. The relationship between Red Bull and Aston is not a new one as the team’s race cars have been carrying the brand’s name on its fleet since the beginning of last year. It probably helps that Adrian Newey, one of racing’s top designers and who was the brains behind the Renault powered Red Bull race cars that won the driver and constructors titles between 2010 and 2013, has been working with Aston on the development of its super car, the Valkyrie. If this does come to fore, it will be the first time that the iconic Aston brand would compete in Formula One since 1960.