BlackBerry Jaguar Land Rover Enter Agreement

The next generation of Jaguars and Land Rovers will have a distinct Canadian flavor soon as the iconic auto brands announced a agreement to work with Canadian tech company, BlackBerry, on new technologies for their upcoming new model launches.

This signals a more significant commitment from the Jaguar Land Rover teams in the quest to catch up in the every growing, and competitive, autonomous driving category. BlackBerry said that it will licence its QNX Operating system, which is a Unix like real time operating system, to the Jaguar Land Rover team and will also look to provide them with core engineering support for a period of time. The partnership will look help set a new bar for automotive infotainment systems. The BlackBerry QNX system is designed to help car manufacturers respond to the new set of challenges with the development of full digital instrument clusters.

Range Rover

As the integration of new technology and the need for the delivery of information to happen more and more seamlessly, many auto manufacturers are working hard to find solutions that can both integrate and scale and why the Jaguar Land Rover group is looking for these types of deals with technology companies.

And as the BlackBerry sites state “The QNX is built with BlackBerry QNX’s optimized OpenGL based graphics framework targeting automotive instrument cluster reference hardware and is supported by leading cluster UI frameworks. This integration provides the necessary features to enable car manufacturers to build digital instrument clusters with stunning visual effects while meeting their time-to-market requirements.” which make this one of the best auto technology offerings out there. The news probably couldn’t come at a better time for the Canadian company as it continues on its journey away from original inception of a handset maker and now more into the technology and security space, which seems to be suiting the company quite well.