BMW Offers Sexy 7 Series Black Ice Edition in Russia

BMW has developed a perfect special edition for Russian customers: the BMW 7 Series Black Ice. If you aren’t satisfied by boring “black” paint and want your luxury sedan to look even more sinister and intimidating, consider the Black Ice edition. The Frozen Black finish coats metallic black paint with a unique matte varnish. Chrome accents are replaced with glossy black trim. While some matte finishes look dull and unappealing, especially in pictures, the polished exterior of the Black Ice looks like high-tech stealth coating.

The Black Ice edition comes equipped with a blacked-out M Sport package, including an aero kit and special alloy rims that are typically unavailable with an M package. Inside the car, professional hitmen—I mean, chauffeurs—can recline in black leather upholstery, piano lacquer trim, and dark grey Alcantara headliners. Because color is for the plebeians, now.

The Black Ice edition is offered by BMW Individual, the automaker’s bespoke experience division, for Russian clients by special order. But if you put enough cash on the hood, I’m confident that BMW Individual could roll out a similar custom order in the United States.