BMW i8 Shines

The new BMW i8 shines so cool it has to wear shades, ok anyone not born before 1980 won’t that but we digress, bur really the BMW i8 roadster edition is arguably our new car crush for 2019.

2019 BMW i8

If attention is what you want then attention is what you’ll get when you come rolling down the road in one of these new 2019 BMW i8s.  There will not be a head that isn’t turned by this absolutely gorgeous sculptured hard edged vehicle as it screams confidence and cool all at the same time.  And this new offering comes with some special additions, which may or may not sway you depending on how much substance you want out of your car.  Once you get over how beautiful this car is, you might have second thoughts on it especially if you are the young affluent type that want’s to be cool with mother nature.  The i8’s electric capabilities leave a lot to be desired as this machine will only be able to deliver about eighteen miles of electrically charged roadway and supply in and about 370 horses, which won’t win it any races in the company that it hopes to keep in the super luxx category.  What you will get, when you opt for the roadster version,  is a super cool soft top retractable roof and two really comfy seats, some carbon fibre accoutrements, a really dope sound system and brand new software that runs the infotainment system.

BMW i8 Interior

You’ll also get a set of supped up twenty inch tires, leather trimmed everything, adaptive dampers and maybe some out of this world laser head lights and carbon based brake covers and did we mention it comes in some really cool colors.  The real question that everyone wants to know is what’s it going to take to get me into one of these fully outfitted dream machines, well, we hope that you are sitting down, because you will need to be prepared to spend pretty much a couple of hundred thousand to ride with the ride of your dreams.  But, what the heck, its only money right!