BMW Joins Race Against Tesla

BMW’s recent announcements show just how serious the company is about joining the race against Tesla in battle to dominate the electric vehicle market. The company announced that it plans to build and launch a minimum of 12 new battery electric vehicles before the end of 2025 under the i electric car platform, with the introduction of the i4 electric sedan. This would significantly upgrade the company’s electric stable from its currently rather shallow offering of the i3 City hatchback, its only battery operated car, and the i8 which is a plug in hybrid.

BMW iConcept

Exact details are bit sketchy as when we can expect a full launch of the i4, the company unveiled its i Vision Dynamic concept at last September’s Frankfurt auto show and which the i4 is the production version of this concept, but the company spokesperson did say that it would be a Tesla S competitor and that its focus right now was to get the iNEXT into production first and then look to shore up its offering. With the goal of getting at least 25 new electrified models across all of its brands to market the BMW Group did say that a minimum of half of these models would be powered by the fifth generation drivetrain and technology platform and be fully electric.

BMW Concept

The company also went out and said that it will be unleashing its new longer range electric vehicles by the end of 2021 which will see the BMW offering be able to go up to 450 miles on a single charge for its pure electric versions and the plugin-hybrid models will be able to cover a minimum distance of 60 miles on a straight electric charge. The company is planning on launching its all new electric Mini in 2019 and will follow that up with a version of its fully electric BMW X3 in 2021.