Bumpy Ride Ahead for BMW X2

The teams at BMW are pretty sure that the new BMW X2 i28 will be big with the urban professionals as it unleashes it follow up to the X1 in a slightly smaller, but none the less powerful addition to the already solid BMW SUV line up.


The new stealthier BMW X2 comes with standard automatic transmission, front wheel drive and its stamped transversely mounted engine and is pretty much built on the same platform as the Mini Countrymen and the BMW X1. This new entrant into the mid size luxury SUV market will be powered by a turbocharged 2.0litre eight speed automatic inline four that should easily pump out 228 horse power and should get you to 60 in just over six seconds. You can upgrade things with some of the standard BMW offerings like the M Sport pack that will let you have 19 inch Pirellis and a sport suspension. While all this sounds good, the problem is the sound itself and no matter how hard you try to write it off, the reality is that the noise that the BMW X2 is putting out makes it hard to appreciate all of the other awesome things this small SUV comes with. The real target market for the BMW X2 is squarely on the younger urbans who don’t do a lot of big driving and see it as much as a status symbol as they do a properly functioning luxury machine.

BMW X2 Interior

What might scare off some of the young one, aside from the sound, might be the price point which by all estimates should look to set someone back at least a cool fifty thousand dollars which seems like it would be punching above its weight level when you look at the offerings coming in from the likes of Mercedes Benz, Audi and even some of the North American domestic player.