Cadillac’s New Hand Made Engines

The iconic Cadillac brand announced that it would be building new custom hand made engines for its 2019 CT6 models which are due to hit dealerships sometime in early 2019. These engines will be in limited production and will not only be hand made but will also carry the signature of the person who assembled it. Word has it that these will come in in an exclusive 4.2 liter twin turbo V8 format and will push out about 550hps on the sport version and as cool 500 horse power regular one for some of the other CT6 models.

This new engine will more than likely be the most technically forward thinking engine ever built by parent company General Motors with the estimated 4.2 liter quad-cam, 32-valve direct injected aluminium motor with the two turbochargers and catalytic converters being gently snuggled in between the banks of cylinders and is being dubbed the ‘hot V’. The entire design is planned out to make sure that its as space efficient as possible so that the framework of the CT6 does not get impacted whatsoever, but it does come with an additional concerns of the heat that will be generated in the engine compartment, with current estimates looking at temperatures between 350 and 650 degrees Fahrenheit.

2019 Cadillac CT6

This problem is not a new one for engineers as the Germans have been producing ‘Hot V’ version of the engine for quite some time now and the North Americans are looking closely at how this has been managed. One of the options the Chief engineer at Cadillac has been mulling over is to have the cooling fan and coolant run through the engine even after its been shut off to help get the core temperature down. Whatever they end up tweaking, we’re pretty sure that this custom made engine will be a beast that will shake up the domestic business.