Dubai Police Reveal Terrifying New Hoverbike

As if their fleet of expensive supercars weren’t enough, the Dubai Police revealed a new hoverbike at last week’s Gulf Information Technology Exposition. Dubai has partnered with Hoversurf to develop a police model on the Russian company’s battery-powered Scorpion-3. The battery lasts 25 minutes, and the hoverbike can rise to a height of five meters (16 feet) with a limited speed of 70 kilometers per hour (43 mph).

While officers on flying bikes won’t be able to intercept suspects from the sky quite yet, the police aim to use the hoverbike as a response vehicle for otherwise inaccessible areas like traffic jams or bridges. The bikes would be delivered to a staging point on a truck and then used to deliver a police officer and additional cargo up to 660 pounds. The police can also reconfigure the hovercraft and use it as a drone with a maximum range of 6 kilometers.

While other companies are working on hovercraft around the world, this is the first we’ve seen in the hands of the cops! Check out the video from Hoversurf below.