Five Best Family Driving Monitor for Families

Proving how far automotive technology has advanced, there is now a wide range of options for driving monitors. These monitors are geared towards families with teen drivers as a way of giving them some extra confidence. While multiple automakers now include in-vehicle systems that set boundaries or report on a teens driving habits, not all do. If you have a teen driver, you will want to find one of the top driving monitors for families. That way, you know that your teen is driving safely. Since these systems offer unique features, they can even supplement the one built into your car.


Automatic does not have any hidden fees, and it is the only driving monitor with unlimited 3G and a connected car adapter. You plug the adapter into your cars diagnostics port to unlock the data found within your vehicle’s on-board computer, sending it to the cloud. It also gives you access to third-party apps. You can then access all the information that you want via the smartphone app. Automatic LITE lets you log trips, get engine light diagnostics, see the web dashboard, sync via Bluetooth, and more. Most families will prefer Automatic Pro for an additional cost with things like parking tracking, live vehicle tracking, and crash alert.


This driving monitor works in a similar manner to Automatic. You just plug the Zubie Key into your vehicle and download the application on your smartphone. The system can detect, locate, and protect, letting you compare the speed driven to the posted speed limit. You can also get driving behavior alerts and even tips. It includes maintenance alerts and diagnostics, roadside assistance contact, a live map, and place alerts, as well. To make it more appealing, Zubie offers the option to turn the system into a Wi-Fi hotspot for rear-seat passengers; fun for the whole family.


MotoSafety offers a similar range of features to the other top driving monitors. You can set it up to deliver a daily driving report card to your smartphone and monitor things like speeding, rapid starts, and harsh braking, so that you can talk to your teen about correcting these habits. It also tracks the location of your vehicle, letting you know exactly where your teen is. It will even signal unauthorized usage and allow you to customize alerts.

Hum by Verizon

Hum is incredibly easy to set up and provides a long list of services, such as locating your vehicle if you forgot where you parked or just wanting to know how fast or far your teen drove. It also makes it easy to get roadside assistance, set up a WiFi hotspot, provides vehicle diagnostics, and more.


Finally, Vyncs offers familiar features, such as locating your vehicle and location-based services, roadside assistance, stolen vehicle recovery, and maintenance. The part that families will love the most is the driving feedback that lets you get alerts for poor driving habits. It even provides tips. It can turn safe driving into a competition among your family members, encouraging your teens to drive carefully.