Ford Announces Raptor Version of the 2018 Ford Ranger

We were already pretty excited that the Ford Ranger was making its official return to North America in 2020. Now we’re even more excited after Ford confirmed that they would make an off-road ready model of their midsize pickup.

There were already spy shots that indicated the automaker was going to build a Ranger Raptor, but we received official confirmation from Ford Australia after they released a sizzle reel featuring the off-road ranger in action in the Australian Outback. While the next-generation styling is still kept under wraps, check out the massive fender flares, short overhangs, and what should be a skid plate tucked under that camouflage.

It makes sense that the Raptor Ranger will arrive in Australia first; while the midsize truck exited the U.S. market in 2012, it is still sold as the T6 Ranger around the world. In fact, the Range is far more popular than the full-size F-150 in Australia.

Lucky Australians will have the 2018 Ranger Raptor for two years before the 2020 Ranger arrives in the U.S. Click To Tweet

At this point, we hope that the Ranger Raptor arrives as soon as possible after the regular model. Given that it seems to take a few years to fine-tune the F-150 Raptor after a generation refresh, we might wait even longer. If it does arrive in a timely fashion, we expect that the mid-sized model might do better than the full-sized equivalent. Despite a name that sounds just a little over-the-top, an off-road package works better on a smaller and more nimble platform. We expect the Raptor will give the Ram Rebel and Colorado ZR2 a serious run for their money—and our wallets.