Ford Swinging for the Fences

Well this should not come as any surprise given how terrible Ford’s performance has been this year, but the company is swinging for the fences with its new advertising agency Widen & Kenneday and trying to break out from its tired and old image.

The company and its ad partner decided to tap into the American psyche by enlisting the star of the global phenomenon show ‘Breaking Bad’, Brian Cranston and looks to move the company a bit away from its traditional ‘Ford Tough’ tag line and trying to drop into the emotional higher ground of ‘Built Ford Proud’.  And they are taking aim squarely at the younger demo with an avalanche of television spots around college football games and other large scale sporting events.

The campaign is taking square aim at all the ‘tech’ mavens out there by poignantly calling out the notion that ‘talk doesn’t get sh!t done’, we’re paraphrasing here.  The company wants to appeal to the ‘real’ builders of the world, by letting them know that Ford is there to help them build stuff.  Its trying to tap into the history of the company and almost has the feel of a riff off of the current US President’s ‘Make America Great Again’ theme.

The whole campaign is tied to a very important moment in the company’s history as the Ford brand keeps getting hammered to the tune of dropping sales coming in at around 11 percent under the previous year.  To put this in perspective, the rest of the industry is only off by about 1 percent over the same period.  This whole spiral has seen the stock price drop to its lowest level in nine plus years, which is over thirty percent off.

The company’s Chief Marketing Officer, Joy Falotico, is stressing that this campaign is built to reflect the heart of the company’s employees who are, and we quote, proud to build and drive Ford products.  While we’re huge fans of Breaking Bad, we’re not sure even ‘Walt’ can pull this miracle off.