General Motors’ Maven Brand Going Upscale

The General Motors team behind their car sharing program, Maven, have distinctly decided to move upscale with the service and will be offering some exclusive perks to users of the service who choose to drive a Chevy Bolt.

The company recently released plans to have exclusive charging stations for those Maven subscribers who choose and electric vehicle as part of their package.  These lux charging stations will be the fast charge variety and offer a fully exclusive access option.  The service will also be accessible by those Maven drivers who are using their cars for ride sharing purposes under the Maven Gig brand name and the company hopes that this will boost the ride sharing arm of the nascent service.

The entire electric vehicle industry is, and will be, struggling with issues relating to the charging conundrum as more and more consumers choose to buy electric cars the ability to manage the expected volumes of people wanting to charge their batteries in a effective way will take centre stage.  The reason companies need to think about this now is that charging car batteries takes a pretty long time, the Chevy Bolt for example needs over an hour to get eighty percent charged up and when compare to the Honda Clarity which only takes thirty minutes to charge to 80%, you can see why the people at General Motors are trying to figure this out and quick.

The Maven team will be focused on building out the fast charging stations in the more urban centres to help out those who are part the Maven Gig network, where a driver could rent a Chevy Bolt for just over $200 a week, whereas most of the other manufacturers are focused on building out charging station on the highways and byways of the US to help electric vehicle owners go further out.   And while we don’t know exactly how many of these stations the company is planning on building out it will even more noise to an already crowed electric market.