George Patton Hits China

We don’t mean the retired and now deceased former General of the United States Army, well not exactly, but sort of.  What we have is a vehicle that has just been unveiled at the China auto show called the G. Patton SUV so technically the George Patton is hitting the Chinese market.

The ultra beefy sports utility vehicle is actually a specially built sports utility vehicle that’s coming in from an outfit in California called U.S. specialty vehicles and runs as Rhino.  The company basically made the G-Patton from a Ford F-450 and comes with a souped up version of the V-10 triton engine and will be producing horse power in the high three hundreds.  The body of the G-Patton is made up of aluminum, carbon and lighter steel that’s honey combed together and gives this sports utility vehicle a very much, well not surprisingly, tank like appearance.  Guess that’s what they were going for with the whole General Patton thing, it now all makes sense.  The massive vehicle, rumoured to be weighing in at about eight thousand pounds, also comes with dampers that are hydraulically linked to form a solid anti roll over protection level that most SUVs and trucks would be envious of.

The company was pretty coy about what one could expect on the interior of the truck, but the literature indicates that the inside will be nothing like the overly aggressive exterior and buyers can expect to get pampered when barreling out in the G-Patton.  What we’ve heard is that the interior will have a massive infotainment system screen, bigger than some in most condos, teak floors, yep teak, super high end leather chairs an espresso machine and what the heck let’s throw a fridge in there too.

And if you think you can just drop into a dealership and bop out with one of these bad boys, you will be sorely mistaken as the company will force you to fill out an application before even letting you know the cost.  Looks like the strategy for the G-Patton is if you gotta what the price is, then you probably can’t afford it.