Lambo’s 2018 Aventador S is Super

The iconic Lamborghini Aventador, which is the brands shinning star, seems to always manage to deliver on its always increasing aura. And the 2108 Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster won’t be the one to break the streak as the company again delivers and exceptional experience.

The newest pony in the Lambo’s stable is really the culmination of an incredible match of what you think the supercar should be able to deliver when you look at it.  The forward facing edge and sleek tight design immediately takes your mind to exotic places and dreams of a super ride and the 2108 Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster delivers on that fantasy.  Let me put that thought into perspective for you, the new Aventador will move you with over seven hundred horse power from its V12 aspirated super engine.

With that kind of power you can expect to get from zero to sixty in roughly three seconds flat and the 2018 version of the Aventador Roadster will move you at a top end speed of  two hundred and seventeen miles per hour and red line at about eight thousand five hundred revolutions per minute.  There’s a rear wheel steering option that will help you when you are going at mere mortal speeds, think in the range of anywhere between sixty five and eighty miles an hours, which will help you manage the more tight spaces.

The interior is pure Lamborghini and even though the company chose to go with the Audi version of the infotainment system, which we’re not sure why as the Audi MMI looks like a relic from a few ions ago and has a minute screen, which is completely of no use.  That and there really is not storage space to speak of, unless of course you think a mini glove box rates as storage, but again this isn’t the car that your going to be taking the family out for a two week driving vacation.  So, if you can get over the lack of storage and still want to get into the 2018 Aventador S Roadster it will set you back in the neighbourhood of $450,000 dollars and if you have that kind of change lying around, we’d say this is as good an investment you can make.