Mazda Reveals Vision Coupe and Kai Concept

Official pictures of Mazda’s new Kai and Vision Coupe concepts have been released, and I love what I see. Mazda has been talking about making huge strides in “luxury” territory, but a lot of people weren’t taking the car manufacturer very seriously. If a production version of the Vision Coupe hits the road, there will be no questions regarding the company’s commitment to high-end vehicle manufacturing. This could be a giant leap in the right direction if the automaker wants to further distinguish their top makes from Toyota, Honda, and Nissan.

Mazda Vision Coupe Concept

The serious lip at the front of the car will most likely get filed down due to pedestrian impact regulations, but everything else appears to check out. The extended windshield gives the car a sleek look from front to back, and the aggressive front-end ties the entire vehicle together. Overall, Mazda did a wonderful job keeping things simple with the vehicle, while simultaneously creating a beautiful exterior. It’s obvious that the minimalistic, almost Spartan, sheet metal screams “concept car,” but the fundamental lines of the vehicle are beautiful.

The interior of the car is still very simple for the time being. There are no fancy screens or built-in maps, but this car is still just a concept. If the vehicle is brought to market, more tech may be added to meet demand. Consumers want the latest technology so it would be difficult to sell the Vision Coupe with its current bare-bones interior. No engine or powertrain information has been released, indicating that this car will remain a concept for a little while.

Mazda Kai Concept

Although it’s larger and more developed, it seems like the Kai concept took a few notes from the Vision Coupe’s sleek exterior. This stylish hatchback is going to be making its debut right alongside the gorgeous Vision Coupe at the Tokyo Motor Show, but people are just as excited to look at this upgraded Mazda3. While the Mazda3 had several sharp body creases, the Kai has smoothed things over, giving it a clean look from top to bottom.

Two major changes to the exterior include the aggressive headlights and the interesting top-down view of the car. Two panes of glass move upward after the windshield and are intersected by a solid-colored center bar. It doesn’t appear to open as far as we can see, but it does give the vehicle an extremely unique appearance.

The Kai will be powered by a next-generation Skyactiv-X combustion engine, which might actually improve the Mazda3’s fuel efficiency. Seeing as how that vehicle already had a very impressive fuel economy, the Kai is something to keep your eye on! While the Vision Coupe promises a luxury future, the Kai pledges a sleek and efficient present.