Mercedes-Benz X-Class Arrives, But Won’t Be Sold in United States

Mercedes-Benz has finally revealed the production version of their X-Class pickup truck in Cape Town, South Africa. Unfortunately for those of us living in the United States, you won’t be able to buy this beauty. A spokesman from the company has confirmed that there is no plan to bring the X-Class to the U.S. We haven’t received a full explanation as to why it won’t be coming, but we definitely have some ideas.

For starters, this is the company’s first true pickup truck. The U.S. is the world’s most competitive market for pickups and new arrivals have had a hard time achieving significant sales growth.Β Since Mercedes-Benz doesn’t have experience in pickups, they might not see many sales for their vehicle. In addition to that, this is only a mid-size truck. Even though the three best selling vehicles in America last year were pickups, they were full-size trucks. The market for smaller trucks isn’t as large, making this an even riskier venture for the car manufacturer.

When we look at other companies, there is a clear domination. Nissan and Toyota have made improvements to their pickups, but sales aren’t booming. The two companies combined only accounted for 78,000 of the 1.12 million truck sales this year. Detroit’s big three have a tight grip on the truck lovers of America, making it less likely for a newcomer to be successful. Despite the beauty of the X-Class, Mercedes doesn’t want to waste the funds on an already flooded market. By deciding to push for truck sales in other areas, Mercedes-Benz has a much higher chance of turning a profit on the X-Class and generating positive sales figures for observers.

It’s a shame we won’t see this vehicle for sale in America. Straying from the Mercedes norm, the X-Class has an interior built to sustain heavier useage. Don’t get me wrong, the inside is beautiful, but it can definitely handle some muddy boots. The most powerful turbodiesel engine you can get in the truck pushes out 258 horsepower, however there are a variety of engines to choose from. Keep in mind, engine variations will differ depending on where you live. For example, a 165 horsepower gasoline engine is available, but only if you live in places like Dubai or Morocco. The vehicle is built on a Renault-Nissan platform from Spain and Argentina, which is the same platform the Nissan NP300 Navarra mid-size pickup sits on. If Mercedes ever wants to bring the X-Class to America, they would have to strike a deal with Nissan first.Β