New Acura RDX Crossover Shines

The introduction of the new 2019 Acura RCX Crossover shines supreme in the world of new crossovers this coming fall. The Acura Motor company is looking to make a major rebound in 2019 and the RDX Crossover will the unofficial flag bearer as the company looks to see big transitions on how its brand is perceived both by the market and by consumers.

2109 RDX Concept

This new version of the RDX will feature a much edgier design, which was first promised with the Acura Precision concept in 2016 at the Detroit Auto show, and will play well it dealership group who are looking for ways to get excited about the brand which has been taking a hit of late. The company, which has been lagging in the launch of new models, sees the RDX Crossover as an opportunity start moving its communications and marketing away from the price and feature focus which is where the company has been for some time and move it more of an emotional high ground.

The new RDX Crossover is slated to come with a new chassis, a standard turbocharge four cylinder engine and a default front wheel drive. What you can expect from this is an engine that deliver around 252 horse power and about 273 pounds per foot of torque. The model should also come with Acura’s patented super handling all wheel drive system, which will send more torque to the rear differential and a smoother adaptive mode change and select feature that will let drivers move better between the Sport, Comfort and Snow modes.

2019 RDX interior

RDX Interior

The company hopes that this new RDX will be able to compete with some of the other heavyweights in the category which includes the Audi Q5, the BMW X3 the Infiniti QX50 and the Mercedes Benz GLC. The Crossover is slated to be in dealerships later this year and will come in at around $40k for a stripped down version and you can expect to spend in the mid $50k range for totally tricked out version of the RDX Crossover.