New Era Ford Focus

The Ford Motor Company, coming off its blockbuster announcement about its new vehicle line up strategy, has taken the covers off the next generation of the Ford Focus.

This will be the fourth generation of the company’s legacy compact vehicle and there’s a huge sigh of relief from the denizens of Ford fans.Β  Not that the third generation of the Focus was awful, it did actually win the Car & Driver best ten car award for a couple of years in a row back in 2012 and 2013, but since then it has seen a slide as its competitors keep hitting the segment with new offerings and the category that the Honda Civic has now owned for the last four years.

The new fourth generation Ford Focus is one of the first coming out of the company’s new global production strategy that’s called a globally common flexible modules and architecture, which funnily enough sounds more like a PR spin that gives them an out if they change their mind, but hey who are we to comment.Β  Β This whole new platform is supposed to allow for individual markets to add on a few local market idiosyncrasies while keeping the overall car’s under pinning in place.Β  And as of right now the Chinese and European markets will see the Focus first, with an expected landfall in the United States some time in the early 2020s.

You can expect the traditional sparse interior features that has become synonymous with the Focus which will see the infotainment platform showcased on an eight inch touch screen and the loss of a number of the other common knobs and buttons. You’ll also see a wide selection of interior options for seats and stitchings plus you’ll have more back seat leg room and even more room in the back to jam more of your things in and you’ll also get the swipe motion tailgate sensor for ease of opening when your hands are full.