Tesla Euro Launch Set

Tesla has finally decided on when it plans on getting into the European market by letting everyone know that it plans on launching the Tesla Model 3 sometime before the end of the first quarter in 2019.

This news will start putting pressure on the likes of Mercedes- Benz who have seen their market share take a hit when the Tesla Model S has been seen to outsell the very popular Mercedes-Benz ‘S’ Class line up.

ย Initial information suggests that the Tesla Model 3 will be priced in the $70k US dollar range, or about 63k Euros, in the German market which will feature a longer range battery option for this market.ย  There is also speculation that the company will also look to introduce its ‘Performance’ version of the car that would see it add a second electric motor to the offering.

This, however won’t come cheap to the German market as some people in the United Kingdom look to pay around $92 thousand US dollars for the performance version of this Tesla.ย  There is a ton of social chatter right now that would indicate that the Swiss will be one of the first nations to see the Tesla Model 3 while some in Norway are claiming that they would be seeing their first shipment arriving as soon as February, which has yet to be officially confirmed by anyone at Tesla.ย  ย ย 

ย As with most things in life, if you hav the money you can probably skip the line and get yours first, which may be the case with this launch as some are saying that if you choose to purchase the more expensive Performance version you may get to skip the line and get this version quicker – again, none of this has been verified by the company itself.ย  Those in the know seem to think that this introduction will be looking to take a chunk out of the BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes-Benz C class high end sedan market.

Other competitors who may be looking over their shoulders include the teams over at Jaguar and Audi who are looking to launch their own versions of an electric vehicle and are hoping that being quicker to market will give them a sales advantage.ย  But they will need more than just speed to market to make a dent as anytime the US Electric Car maker enters a market they tend to grab significant market share