Is it Time to Panic at Tesla

We’re not suggesting that anyone should be looking for their deposit back yet, but things at Tesla may not be rosy as buyers and investors expect. The company announced that another high profile executive is leaving. Tesla’s director of battery technology – cool job title – Kurt Kelty has called it quits.

Nobody is saying why the man in charge of one Tesla’s most important products, essential to their electric cars and battery business, is leaving the job. The company released the usual “..leaving to pursue other opportunities, and we thank him for his service” line. This is traditionally corporate speak for we kicked his ass out, but want to be nice to him because he knows too much.

We’re not saying that is the case, but nobody has revealed enough to provide a real explanation. Mr. Kelty was one of the longest tenured executives having been hired in 2006 after fourteen years at Panasonic, Tesla’s manufacturing partner at the gigafactory in Nevada. Apparently, he also negotiated the deal with Panasonic on the plant and what’s also been noted is that Panasonic and Tesla have a supply agreement for approximately two billion battery cells and the two companies jointly developed the new power pack in the Tesla Model 3.

Also of note is that Kelty’s departure follows on the heels of another departure earlier this year when then-CFO Jason Wheeler, a former Google executive, also split from the company. It should be an interesting time for Tesla as it is scheduled to release its earnings and we can’t wait to see what the market thinks of these major departures, and who has to fill their shoes as Tesla ramps up production for the Model 3.