Toyota Goes All In On Car Tech

The Toyota Motor Company has put the rest of the automotive industry on notice that it plan on going all in on car tech and the connect car technologies moving forward and it plans on dominating.

The Japanese giant isn’t waiting to be told that they have to augment their systems, instead the company is choosing to drive the conversation and its not just talking.  Its putting its money, or tech, where its mouth is.  The company announced that it will looking to integrate technology, and execute it, that will allow cars to communicate in real-time with other vehicle on the road and it plans on making this happen before 2021.  Their view is that platforms such as this will enable a much safer driving environment as the ‘connected’ vehicles will be able to message each other about road conditions, accidents, hazards and other traffic variables and will in time be shared with an autonomous driving system.  They aspire to a future where all crashes and incidents are all but a distant memory.

The team at Toyota is building its tech off of the DSRC, or dedicated short range communications, platform that’s been around for a while and the choice to use DSRC has been met with some questions from the rest of the industry given that the tech is somewhat older and that most manufacturers see the new 5G cell technology as the preferred network of choice by most auto and tech players.  The importance of this can’t be underscored enough as the thinking is that if everyone is building off of the same platform, there will be a better opportunity for wider acceptance across multiple lines fo business and not just the automotive industry.

Many see Toyota’s announcement as a gusty call as one the one hand those who support DSRC say that by using this platform it will allow manufacturers to get in the game quicker and the theory would suggest that it have a more positive effect sooner on cutting down, if not eliminating unnecessary car related deaths versus waiting for everyone to make a decision on which direction to go.  There were almost 40,000 car related deaths in the US in 2016 and sees the velocity of this number increasing at an alarming rate.

Those who are not in favor of using DSRC say that it will be a cost nightmare to try and get drivers to shift away from DSRC when the new 5G networks become more prevalent and they also claim that by getting drivers to adopt the DSRC now it will only make it way harder in the future to move them to a newer platform.