VW Enters Pickup Market

The team at VW just couldn’t resist the temptations being offered by the North American market and now VW enters the US Pickup Market in a big way. Its no secret that the only thing really keeping the North American automotive market afloat these days is the pick up sector, seems these consumers just can’t get enough and to that end every manufacturer on earth is chasing after this market.

2019 VW Tanoak

So why should Volkswagen be any different. And that’s why they announced their first entry into the US pickup market with their new Tanoak, a unibody pickup that will share the same platform and powertrain as the company’s Atlas Cross over, but will come in longer and taller. The new truck, which is named after an evergreen tree that grows in the Pacific Northwest, will come with a standard V6, eight speed transmission that will put out over 270 horses and will be built on VW’s MBQ platform. Interestingly the company is billing this as a mid size pickup, but what they’ve showed it’s anything but mid as it look to come in with 3200mm wheelbase, a 1600mm bed and a length of 5400mm a height of 1800mm and 2000mm wide, which pretty much dwarfs what would technically be its closest competitor in the segment – the Honda Ridgeline. The company clearly wanted to appeal to much ‘tougher’ audience as it’s built up its exterior to be more intimidating by including centre mounted winch, raised hood, running lights that go across the edges as well as wheel extensions at the arches. One of the coolest features is the front grill which illuminates when you open the doors and spread across until it hits the lights, which then turn on. A bit futuristic, but cool nonetheless.

VW Tanoak front lights

The interior is also stepping up its game by making the dashboard mostly a big screen with the large infotainment screen taking up much of the real estate. The company’s plans for the market are modest, but could prove huge if done well, at a company estimated 5% of the US light vehicle market within 10 years, which is up 3% from where the company currently sits in that segment.