10 Best Fuel Cell Cars

Fuel cell vehicles are on the cutting edge of the push toward zero emissions vehicles. Instead of traditional fuel, these vehicles “gas up” on liquid hydrogen and their only byproducts are water and heat in the form of a harmless plume of steam. Most fuel cell vehicles are still under development, but there are already production models on the road today. Check out the ten most advanced fuel cell vehicles.

Honda Clarity

Image Credit: http://automobiles.honda.com/

The Honda Clarity became available in California in 2016. It can go 366 miles, which gives it the longest range of all zero-emissions vehicles. It only takes three or five minutes to refuel unlike a battery electric vehicle (BEV) which can take a whole night to recharge. Interested buyers can lease this sophisticated from Honda in California.

Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell

Image Credit: https://www.hyundaiusa.com/

The Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell has been going strong for several years now and is built off of the popular Tucson compact SUV. It is available for lease in California and can drive 265 miles. It takes about five minutes to refuel and delivers instant electric motor torque. Because there aren’t any moving parts, it is highly durable, and it has undergone extensive safety and crash tests.

Toyota Mirai

Image Credit: https://www.toyota.com/

The Toyota Mirai is an industry leader for fuel cell vehicles and one of the most popular. The Mirai first went on sale in Japan back in December of 2014 with sales in California beginning in October of 2015. This made the Mirai the first hydrogen-powered vehicle sold within the United States. Toyota hopes to sell 30,000 units worldwide by 2020. It can go 312 miles on a single tank of hydrogen and comes with advanced safety technologies.

Audi h-tron quattro Concept

Image Credit: https://www.audi-mediacenter.com

During the 2016 Detroit Auto Show, Audi showcased its concept fuel cell vehicle, the h-tron quattro. It will be able to go 372 miles on just hydrogen, meaning it could take the Clarity’s current title of longest range. This model can also go from zero up to 62 miles per hour in less than 7.1 seconds, quicker than most would expect for a hydrogen-powered car. Instead of a center console and digital screens, it has a virtual cockpit that may or may not make it to the production model, as well as plenty of driver assistive features.

Genesis GV80 Concept

Image Credit: https://www.genesis.com/

The Genesis GV80 is the first fuel cell concept from the new luxury automaker and recently made its debut at the New York International Auto Show in April. Interestingly enough, it is not only a fuel cell but also a plug-in, making it a fuel-cell hybrid. It stores electric power for use in addition to its hydrogen tank.

Chevrolet Colorado ZH2

Image Credit: http://media.gm.com/

General Motors has found a new market for hydrogen vehicles with its fuel cell prototype that it unveiled during an Association of the United States Army meeting. It is built for durability, standing 6.5 feet tall and sitting on 37-inch tires with a width of 7 feet. GM has done 3.1 million miles of hydrogen fuel testing so even though you won’t get to drive this particular fuel cell from them, you are likely to see more concepts and a potential production model in the future.

Hyundai FE Concept

Next Generation FE Fuel Cell Concept Image Credit: http://www.hyundainews.com

Hyundai recently showed off its own fuel cell concept, the FE Fuel Cell Concept, during the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. Unlike the previous Tucson Fuel Cell, the FE Fuel Cell Concept is built on a dedicated platform, and it should be the replacement for the Tucson Fuel Cell. The styling is very different from other production Hyundais with a smooth front fascia like a Tesla as there is no need for a large grille. It can also go 497 miles between being filled with hydrogen, which might make it the class leader in range when it makes it to production.

Mercedes-Benz GLC F-CELL

Image Credit:  http://www.insideevs.com/

Those who want a luxury hydrogen-powered vehicle can look forward to the Mercedes-Benz GLC F-CELL. The GLC F-CELL will have a fuel cell with hydrogen power in addition to a giant lithium-ion battery in the same combination of hydrogen and plug-in power as the Genesis GV80 concept. This fuel cell system will be available at some point this year and should be able to go over 300 miles on a single charge.

Pininfarina H2 Speed Concept

Image Credit: http://www.pininfarina.it/en/homepage/homepage.html

Pininfarina, the Italian design house, will be doing a limited production run of its H2 Speed, a fuel cell vehicle that will change your perceptions of the experimental technology with the ability to reach 62 miles per hour in only 3.4 seconds. It can also reach 186 miles per hour and only takes three minutes to refuel. There will be 10 versions in total, each of which costs $2.5 million – not exactly affordable.

Riversimple Rasa

Image Credit: http://www.riversimple.com

You may not have heard of the Riversimple Rasa as this fuel cell vehicle is made by a small Welch company, but it hopes to start a revolution. While still a prototype, the Rasa is making strides. Its shape is reminiscent of a tadpole for extra aerodynamics, and the engine stores the energy from the fuel cell in its ultra-capacitors. There are four wheel motors, and it can go 60 mph with ease, even if you are going uphill. This joins the ranks of other modern car designs that hope to reinvent small city cars.