10 Terrifying Car Horror Stories

Everyone has their own car horror story, with some being worse than others. Whether you’ve had a bad experience at a dealership, a horrible rental, major mechanical issues, or a bad buy, there is probably at least one car-related story you wish you could forget. To put them in perspective, we’ve gathered some of the worst car horror stories around, each of which is guaranteed to make you feel better about your own.

The Suspicious Inspection

One car owner shared his tale of woe with a used car from a dealership located in southern New Hampshire. At first, everything seemed great, and the salesperson said the vehicle was in “mint” condition. The dealership even offered to pay for an inspection. The only caveat was the dealer got to choose the garage. This should have been a warning sign, but the buyer was just happy to save money on the inspection and thought the garage seemed fine.

The car passed the inspection with no problem, but on the way home, it became clear that the mechanic chose to ignore some issues. The car didn’t accelerate properly. After putting up with poor acceleration that got worse for four months, he brought it to an independent garage. There, he found out that it needed a whole new engine and a new transmission. This is just one of many examples of why first-time car-buyers should be cautious. Don’t talk anything your dealer says at face value, and always get an independent opinion.