10 Terrifying Car Horror Stories

The Attempted Bait and Switch

Someone going by the name of LTT shared the story of when he and his wife went to get her a new entry-level Yaris from Toyota. They thought they had a great deal because of student discounts. They made a (completely refundable) cash deposit of $500 on Friday night and returned the next morning with approval for an auto loan. As they pulled up, they saw the car in question being driven off the lot. They were assured this was not their vehicle and went to do the paperwork.

The paperwork listed a car that was $3,000 more than the price they agreed upon with different options and a new color. Instead of taking this nonsense lying down, they asked for their money back. The dealership claimed the deposit wasn’t refundable and upon seeing the signed documents saying it was, claimed the finance manager was needed to write the check. They ended up waiting for six hours, during which time coffee got “accidentally” spilled in their direction. They dealer hoped to wait them out and walk away with some free money! LTT only resolved the situation when he called the cops, and the dealer backed down. This is why car dealers have a bad reputation.