25 Best NASCAR Drivers in History

NASCAR drivers get to hit the racetrack in some of the best-performing vehicles of all time. It requires skill, discipline, and determination to whip a powerful car around hundreds of corners and jostle for position with other drivers. Since NASCAR was founded in 1948, there are nearly seven decades of racing and drivers for us to appreciate. Here the top drivers throughout NASCAR’s history.

Bobby Allison

Bobby Allison retired in 1988 due to injuries he sustained over years of high-performance racing. But before that, he managed to complete all the major accomplishments NASCAR drivers strive for. He had a truly impressive 84 career victories, tying him in fourth place for all-time champion. This was part of his 718 starts and 58 career pole positions. Allison actually has the record number of poles won in a row, five, an honor he shares with Cale Yarborough.

The 1983 NASCAR Cup championship went to Allison. He also won the Daytona 500 three times, the NASCAR Modified Division championship for both 1964 and 1965, and the NASCAR Modified Special Division title for 1962 and 1963. His races also included 446 top 10 finishes and 336 top five finishes. No wonder he became part of the NASCAR Hall of Fame back in 2011; it was well deserved.