25 Concept Cars We Wish Were Mainstream

1990 Bugatti ID 90

This was the very first Bugatti created by legendary designer Girogetto Giugiaro and followed the classic design cues for an Italian sports car. It had a mid-engine, sat two, and featured a coupe body style. This concept officially debuted during the 63rd Turin Motor Show and was based on the technical drawings that appeared in March 1989.

Nearly every aspect of those technical drawings carried through to the concept, including the exact dimensions of 1,840 mm wide by 4,100 mm long. The ID 90’s glass dome was extremely elongated and featured a single curve. This was a purposeful decision to combine the appearance of a deluxe saloon with that of a sports car. The rear portion of the dome was empty, leaving room for the necessary air intakes that cooled the engine. The 1926 Bugatti Royale inspired the alloy rims. We would have loved a production run featuring this chic style.