25 Most Expensive Cars Ever Sold at Auction

Everyone likes to daydream every once in a while. If you like cars, one of the best ways to daydream about them is checking out the most expensive vehicles ever sold. These cars put even high-end luxury models to shame, costing several million dollars on the low end. Whether you want inspiration if you ever win the lottery or inherit money from a long-lost relative or just want to see some of the most interesting and costly cars in history, check out the 25 most expensive cars ever sold at auction.

2013 Ferrari LaFerrari: $3.0 Million

When the 2013 LaFerrari debuted as a special-edition model, car collectors around the world wanted one. However, with only 499 units produced and a original price tag of $1.4 million, getting your hands on one was hard. Since then, prices for this rare model have increased even more. Recently, one of these models sold for $3 million, which is double its original price.

The 2013 model year was actually the very first for the LaFerrari, which is a hybrid sports car. When it finished production, the vehicle weighed 2,757 pounds when dry. While this is the least expensive model on this list, it is still worth a mention for its dramatic increase in price in such a short time and its high demand.