Choose the Best Motorcycle Tires for Your Awesome Ride

Don’t head into a motorcycle tire shop until you know exactly what you need; your ride depends on it. You might be tempted to purchase the cheapest motorcycle tires you can find, but you’ll be sorry you did so down the line. Your ride’s safety depends on top quality tires. It also depends on the right tires, so check out these tips before you shop and buy.

Tire Type

First, take into account where you ride. Do you ride primarily on the street or do you dirt bike? There is a marked difference between the two tires and if you are looking for street tires, you should take into account whether you tube or tubeless. Spoke wheels generally have tube tires; cast wheels usually have tubeless tires. Find out which type you need.

Don’t Tread on Less

Next, comes the tire tread you need, and you can streamline your search Honda motorcycle parts, including tires, by choosing your optimal tread type. For example, racing tires are 100-percent without a pattern. Street tires have a pattern to filter the water and other debris through the tread and keep the bike’s grip on the road. Know your tread and pattern needs.

Don’t Hate Your Profile

Sorry, playing with words on the subtitles in this post! Next comes profile and you need the right one for your bike and ride. If you take your turns tight, look for a tire shape with a profile that can handle the way you ride. In basics, your tire will have round profile from behind with vertical sidewalls. It’s the sidewalls that keep you tight in your turns.

Finally, you already know you need to purchase the right tire size, so check that out before you head over to to purchase your wheels. Why They are the largest motorcycle tire shop online, and they all the parts and accessories you need for your ride. Check them out today.