Driven to Kill: 25 Infamous Getaway Cars

For those interested in the automotive world as well as true crime, there is nothing more interesting than a getaway car. These vehicles are known for their speed and ability to outrun the cops. Getaway cars can be flashy or subtle depending on the crime in question. Some are souped-up performance cars ready to burn rubber during a high-speed escape. Others are stealthy or common cars that can slip through a police dragnet. Either way, getaway cars exude danger. Check out the 25 most infamous getaway cars in history.

1. 1932 Ford V8

John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, Bonnie and Clyde

This 1932 Ford V8 has multiple claims to fame. When famous gangster John Dillinger escaped from the supposedly ‘escape-proof’ Lake County Jail in Indiana he stole a new Ford Model 18 V8 from Sheriff Lillian Holley. He went on to use the vehicle to commit a crime spree throughout the Upper Midwest, something that included gun battles in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Bonnie and Clyde also trusted a ’32 Ford for some of their infamous escapades. Baby Face Nelson was another criminal who took advantage of this Ford’s capabilities. The bank robber actually worked with Dillinger and helped him escape from prison, but Nelson’s crime-filled career ended when FBI agents shot him during the Battle of Barrington.