Driven to Kill: 25 Infamous Getaway Cars

2. 1932 Studebaker Commander

John Dillinger

Another model used by John Dillinger to make an impressive getaway was his 1932 Studebaker Commander. Dillinger used this vehicle following his robbery in Greencastle, Indiana, of the Central National Bank in 1933. During this famous robbery, Dillinger and his gang brought weapons they had stolen from the police armory. The gang swarmed inside the bank, leaving the getaway car on the curb with one gang member.

Interestingly enough, they had actually previously stolen this Studebaker Commander, which was originally an unmarked sheriff’s car. They simply put on false plates from Ohio and had a successful robbery. Taking home $75,000, this was the largest bank robbery in history at the time. That’s $1.4 million in 2017. Clearly, his Studebaker Commander got the job done.