Driven to Kill: 25 Infamous Getaway Cars

20. Bentley Continental Flying Spur S3 “Blue Lena”

Keith Richards

Keith Richards’s Flying Spur was named “Blue Lena” for Lena Horne, the jazz singer. It was his favorite vehicle, showing off his status as a member of the Rolling Stones, but it was also his getaway car when he found himself in trouble for drug possession. In fact, in his book titled “Life,” Richards told readers that he went on multiple acid-fueled trips in this car and even made a secret hiding spot in the chassis to stash drugs. Blue Lena was so important to Richards that when he went on vacation in Morocco with friends in 1967, while waiting for his trial for drug possession, he had it shipped along.

He planned to drive his beloved car all the way from Morocco to England for a fun, extended road trip. This became a getaway car, although not from the cops but from Brian Jones, another Rolling Stone. Jones and his girlfriend, Anita, were also on vacation. When Richards discovered Jones was beating Anita, Blue Lena became his and Anita’s getaway car and the beginning of a relationship between the two.