Driven to Kill: 25 Infamous Getaway Cars

22. 1982 Jaguar XJ

Anthony Corallo

Anthony Corallo was a mobster in NYC and the Lucchese crime family boss. He controlled a range of activities in New York during his reign, from porn and prostitution to gambling and extortion rackets to the garment industry and labor unions. At the height of his reign, he was among the richest and most powerful men in the world. No wonder he was able to afford a Jaguar XJ. This XJ’s car phone gave Corallo the privacy he needed to discuss matters without being overheard by the FBI. But, in 1983, a bug placed in the XJ was what led to his downfall.

Corallo was finally convicted of his crimes in late 1986 and received a sentence of a full 100 years to be spent in federal prison. In 2000, he died from natural causes while at the Federal Medical Center. Since he was born in 1913, this meant he lived a long life, even if much was spent in jail.