New Porsche 911 Coming

Ever since the brain trust at Porsche, a few decades ago, decided to build a dumbed down version of their staple high performance car destined for the American market the car world hasn’t been the same.  And for that we’re happy, very very happy.  And the other thing that we’re really, really happy about is that there’s a new Porsche 911 coming.

It looks like the company is planning on launching an homage to that era with a new throwback version of the Porsche 911 that will come in under the Porsche 991 banner and will probably be quickly followed by a Porsche 992.  The 991 is getting a longer look and seems to be holding true to its roots when the company built out the 911 base model Speedsters that were formatted on the original Porsche Carrera.  The iconic vehicle did get its share of tinkering over the years which included getting rid of the back seats, a sliced up windshield that was removable , some flares, a flatter nose, some with the cool popping headlights and the ‘hump’ where the retractable roof would find its resting place. 

The 1990 saw their fair share of challenges for the Porsche’s North American darling as they missed their promised production volumes by about ninety percent and this was a period where the entire company was in upheaval and barely surviving, so the 964 Porsche never got a great footing, not that it was a bad thing as the car itself was nothing great to look at with a super slim body and big flare out fenders, almost like the bell bottom jean craze of the early eighties. 

In the earlier 2000’s the company did bounce back with another speedster version of its classic, the 997 which was a throw back to the 930 look and a GTS engine and a styled down version of the ‘hump’, but overall it still really didn’t work. So we had high hopes for the latest offering of the Speedster and by all accounts we may not be disappointed as we’re hearing that it will come with its staple GTS rear engine and wider body, but no real insight into how the ‘hump’ will be treated – gawd we hope they figure it out this time.  No time frame on when the plan on making this available but given that Porsche hasn’t been trying to keep this a secret, we can assume that we’ll be seeing something sooner rather than later.