Racing Legend Dallara Goes For Street Cred

While not a household name for most, the racing car design legend, Giampaolo Dallara, has decided he wants to get a dose of street cred for itself and is planning on building out a street version of one of its iconic rides.

Dallara Stradale

The famous Italian super car designer rarely let’s himself hit the limelight and most would never know about him, but talk to any super enthusiast and they’ll tell you that there is nobody better than Dallara when it comes to engineering. One of Mr. Dallara’s goals was to build one of the world’s most luxurious, and fast, street legal cars ever and he’s gone and just done that with the new Stradale. Mr. Dallara’s resume includes stints working directly with legendary car Italian car makers such as Enzo Ferrari and Ferruccio Lamborghini, but ask him who his absolute favorite is and he’ll tell you hands down that its always been Colin Chapman, of Lotus engineering fame. And you can see this admiration come through in flying colors when you look at the Stradale’s sleek design and if you were not in the know, you might mistake it for the Lotus iteself.

Now onto the car itself, which if your not aware comes with or without a windshield, gotta love Italian design, which is referred to as barchetta, oh and don’t forget that you will probably also need to as for doors, if you deem them necessary. Don’t expect a luxury ride in this monster machine as it’s built for you to truly experience the road in all of its glory, the seat doesn’t move, it isn’t padded and unless you are under five feet tall you will feel very, very cozy in the cockpit. The car is propelled by a re-worked Ford Eco Boost engine that will produce a healthy 395 horsepower, especially when you factor in the lightweight design of the car. The ride itself is smooth thanks to Dallara’s precision expertise in downdrafting so that any slight pump on the gas will engage the car to grip even more tightly, but not at the expense of performance. On the down side, the Stradale six speed manual shift is a bit tight and awkwardly positioned for quick and multiple shifts.

Dallara Stradale Interior

So now the big question is how can you get one of these and that will be a lot harder, unless you live in Italy. The company only plans on building 600 of the Stradale and will only be for sale directly through the manufacturer. There was some consideration given to making it available to the US audience, but the cost of doing so made it prohibitive. And for those who still want to uproot and get in line for one of these babies, you’ll need at least a cool
$ 250,000 USD to jump into, literally, one of Mr. Dallara’s masterpieces.